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My Trip to White Waters

A Journey Into Water White

On March 29, 2015 I the way to travel the most anticipated Jayalgarh with seventy other adventurers. It is a beautiful natural paradise in the state of Uttrakhand is about 90 km from Rishikesh. The trip was organized by a group of hikers external call Anala which is the quintessence famous for trekking and adventure activities. We got in the mail Haridwar by 10 clock and start time for our goal.

Stations over and we what had happened on this aqua adventure in anticipation of chatting merrily. I made friends with other boys and girls, the little "younger very friendly and funny were a than me, but. We joked, laughed, ate lunch and saw good places to go when we entered the border with Gujarat and Rajasthan. The famous Rabdi us you waiting left to enjoy, and we show dutifully, his taste. Time went by and finally the day, 30 Seconds March we reached Haridwar lunch. The train was crowded, but it was eerily silent, seemed atmosphere religiously. We boarded the train together with our teachers and get in two special cars bus, they would take us to the camp. We were all tired, but excited, remained as only a few hours to start the company wild and exciting.

The bus ride took 5 hours and we Jayalgarh around 7 30 clock reached. The sound of the river Alaknanda roar filled our ears with a beautiful musicality. I watched in amazement his gushing flow and rocky bottom, which arose from the source of the Ganges in the Himalayas. Solemnly prayed with the heart of this pious pledge to serve its beauty to people. The instructors of the field, were also gathered Anala us and greeted us on these 4 days of adventure travel. They told us they do and do the campsite and we to follow the rules and discipline were carried during the activities. Special care was taken to the children. The campsite was right next Alaknanda and the curtains were very luxurious and cozy. I had never fitted in tents, so that I felt quite happy and satisfied. It was getting late, so we served our dinner in the dining room. We sat on our chairs tired and excited at the same time, and eat the delicious cuisine. I was filled with delicious food, so after a while we all went to our assigned shades and I went to sleep very necessary.

I woke up to hear the flowing river the day after the alarm music

The sunlight filled my window curtain made of golden light and warmth. I shared my tent with my teacher lady and a girl. Both were friendly and took the time to be friends. We freshened 7.15 and blew the gong for breakfast. We had a healthy appetite then the breakfast which really was delicious filled our stomachs in a very short time. Then our Lord into two groups viz., Divided the rapids and whitewater. They were told to propose the name of the group, and I immediately called out "Whitewater". You want. The name was apt, as the river had a rocky bed and foamy water. It was a perfect place for lovers of rafting.

One group left for water activities and we went to the rappel and jumaring. Jumaring involves lowering a rope around the body of a mountain or a hill twisted. The person was a qualified instructor of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and manages the group with skilled care and haste. It was a steep rock and we all did our best to dive and managed properly. Then came jumaring will tie a rope to climb the rocks and ourselves with the help of him. This mission has been achieved with the side by side cameras clicking.

We came back, we had lunch and exchanged business after a period of rest required. We "whitewater" went for water activities, diving and swimming in the river contained. Comprehensive care has been taken over by the teachers and provides lifejackets and emergency personnel in kayaks. We have to swim 3 times and we have kayak one by one. It was the first time that I traveled alone a boat by myself. I was incredibly excited. The day ended with a touch of adventure met.

The second day included bridges creep and rafting, which was the main kitchen of this whole journey. Bridge creep involves moving down the rope from a bridge and then jump in the water. The bridge was huge and big and we were all a little intimidated, but as usual, the instructors have made it very easy and exciting. I slipped into the safety, jumped into the cold water and swam back to shore. It was an invigorating. Then came my favorite part of rafting. We went to the site and sat in the dinghy rafting with an emphasis on teaching. Each boat, including 6 persons in the area and we had to row all the oars, she kept using the technique. We sat on our river adventure, rowing paddle in the cold waters. We were euphoric about everything. We also have some stunts like falling out of the boat, jumping in rapids and standing and balancing ourselves on the raft.

The third and last day including the level before the rafting and cliff jumps in both groups. Those who are selected long gone rafting and other short rafting. We paddled effortlessly and jump over the cliff 15:25 meters from a rock. I closed my eyes and let me jump out of the rock and sensed the depth of the water on my body. I was paralyzed with elatedness.

Adventure ended. The third day was over with nostalgic memories and feedback sessions from the group. Haridwaar after we had breakfast for the next day. Honestly, I've never felt so alive, so ecstatic feeling in my head, as I here in jayalgarh. It was truly the most fascinating escapade water all my life. Adventure knows no boundaries. Dive, jump, swim, run. Everything you want is satisfied Jayalgarh. A nice place, just 90 km from Rishikesh away.

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