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A Glimpse of the Europe's Best Beaches

A look at the best beaches in Europe

Europe is a large continent with many countries and many cultures that make it a popular destination with tourists. From the Eiffel Tower in Amsterdam, everything is unique about Europe and to be loved by almost all travelers. Many historical monuments and cultural heritage, to add to its elegance and charm, make it a wonderful place for a holiday full of fun to spend. We all know the stereotypes and the most famous in Europe, but there are some things for which there are equally a perfect retreat in charge of which its exotic beaches, a paradise for lovers of the sea are.

It's time to sunbathe and enjoy the turquoise waters of the best beaches, follow the list.

1. Our Lady Beach, France: distribute in a 40 km long coast, on the French Riviera, this charming beach is perfect for all types of holidays. Whether you are with your family or friends, the lively atmosphere of the beach will leave you in awe. Surrounded by lush pine forests, the sea on the beach I urge you to swim and take a dip in it. Enjoy the sun and the waves of cold water with a cool breeze visit soon.

2. Shipwreck Beach, Greece: Also known as the Shipwreck Beach Shipwreck Beach is the best beach of Greece, which should be on your list while you are taking a tour of Europe. The picturesque villages, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and limestone cliffs make it a popular attraction with tourists from around the world. It is also called by the name of Smuggler Cove and can only be reached with the help of a boat from the port of Zakynthos.

3. Zlatni Rat, Croatia: Often referred to as the Golden Cape called, is Zlatni Rat, a beach on the south coast of the island of Brac in Croatia, away for its clear waters and white pebble beach which is famous in it makes it an ideal place for surfers. The views are amazing tides and waves are found nowhere else in the world. Take your cameras and surfing clothes and to the beach this exceptional early.

4. Calo des Moro, Spain: This is another beautiful beach, which is spread over an area of ​​six kilometers southeast of Mallorca. A perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, the beach is also a nice place for children to play different sports and make sandcastles with no problem. The white sands and blue waters of the beach strength to remain for a long time and be lost in its magical charm. A boat trip can be enjoyed here.

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