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4 Tips for Diving in Boracay Philippines

Boracay is not Known for Diving, as it is for its Beaches of Soft White Sand

However, there are some excellent dive sites in Boracay that can benefit from it, most of them are around the famous white beach. The fees you pay for diving peanuts, only 33 pesos. This article will give you scream something more about diving in Boracay. Dive sites: As I write this, there are at least twenty-five dive sites in Boracay decent. Most of them are full of colorful coral reefs and shallow waters, will be easily accessed by boat trips, and are full of a variety of fish, such as turtles, parrot fish, damsel fish, etc. If the beach is not white enough for you, think Please note that it is also the Crocodile Iceland, which is not too far away and where it contains a lot of aquatic organisms, the pipefish, nudibranchs, and so did I mention that the island is also full of Crocodile find colorful coral reefs? Almost reason enough to take the camera underwater with you, do not you think? If you are looking for a bit 'of challenge, then Yapak visit as it is one of the most famous dive sites not only in Boracay, but also in the Philippines;. The drawback is that only experienced divers can dive here a dive site for experienced divers is similar Camia. Visit :

Best Season for Diving in Boracay Philippines

Diving depends on visibility and if you can get the best deal of visibility then be sure Boracay want to visit during the months of April, May or June. In fact, these three months, the best time for any fan of diving as the view of more than twenty meters are exceptionally high and the water temperature is pleasant. In the months from December to February, the visibility is not so high; The increased presence of plankton in the water, the water becomes dense and the level of visibility to no more than ten meters, not to mention that the water temperature in this period is to be extremely cold. Monsoons around Boracay are unpredictable, because sometimes the eastern side gets a favorable weather and other times it is the west side, which seems favorable for diving. Well, that's all I can say that when you visit Boracay during the monsoon you need to find your point low for yourself!

Make sure: when it comes to diving, it's better to be safe than sorry. No matter how experienced divers you can be, accidents can and will happen for divers. You would never know what would happen if you would like to water, several meters deep! For this reason, it is best to have a travel insurance before going to buy for a diving trip to Boracay. Find an insurance, the insurance for diving offers deep to a maximum of fifty meters, and also provides international coverage. If you find an insurance company that covers not only diving, but also all other water bodies, then even better!

Enjoy the Night Journey: No need to waste your night in bar; They dive at night treat. In fact there are several diving centers are, would be more than happy to organize short diving to other islands for you! Diving is fun, if you know how to do it right!

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