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Fatu Hiva - Paradise in French Polynesia

You will definitely know that you all of Fatu-Hiva are getting off once

This small, very remote island is part of the Marquesas Islands, which in turn belongs to the territory of French Polynesia of France. And "the southernmost island of the Marquesas group in the Pacific. Fatu Hiva is the remains of two calderas of a massive volcanoes. The remote nature of the island offers the experience of perfect isolation.

There is also an airport or airstrip on Fatu Hiva

The only way to reach it is by sea and most of the visitors who come to the island, the passengers of cruise ships are. There is also the possibility of leaving for the island. E 'can stay in Fatu-Hiva for a night or two, but there are no hotels or resorts here. You must settle for the basic pension houses or even to stay in one of the houses of the inhabitants, provide an unforgettable experience.

Once you set foot on Fatu Hiva, you will immediately admire the untouched pristine environment. The island is with cliffs and offers beautiful scenes of the sparkling ocean decorated. And "even the edge of beautiful bays, some of which are wide sandy beaches. This piece of paradise is also lush rainforests, the natural wanderer and adventurer known attract.

In the middle of the island, it is also settled levels of tall grasses, trees and a ridge called Tauauoho. If you want to discover the history and culture of this small island in French Polynesia, ask a local to guide you through the woods to the rock giants that experience as the largest island in the group. And if you want to take a break from exploring the island in some dried bananas, treat, snack specialty of Fatu Hiva, called popoi uru

Fatu Hiva has only three villages namely UIA, Hana Vave and Omoa. The largest among them is the UIA, which lies on the east coast and through narrow valleys and streams, which is to go into the interior of the island. Hana Vave home to the Bay of Virgins, in the north of the west coast. This bay is considered the most beautiful in the area, which is why most visitors head out to Hana Vave known. The Bay of Virgins is at sunset, when the colors of the sky produced bronze reflections of the surrounding mountains and cliffs special. The last village on the island is Omoa, south from the west coast and has a sheltered harbor.

Fatu Hiva has a small population of only 600 inhabitants, but they are very friendly and hospitable. If the passengers of the cruise ships arrive, they have often greeted by the villagers with music and dancing. Despite their isolation, the inhabitants Fatu Hiva are smart enough. The tapa is one of its most popular products. These fabrics are plat of fibers and leading designs, reminiscent made in Tattoos marquisien ancestors.

The locals also make aromatic bouquet umuhei called Mono and sandalwood. On the main street of the island, there are many artisans that sell these products and other crafts and sculptures. So let us first Fatu Hiva, consider buying some of these exquisite items as souvenirs and gifts!

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